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Woozoo M18U vs HD18NU Circulating Fan Comparison

Woozoo M18U vs HD18NU

Woozoo M18U vs HD18NU… They’re both compact fans meant to circulate as much air as possible in a room. But which one should you have? To answer this question, it pays to know the difference. Here, we’ve created a comparison chart, plus a section on these fans’ key differences for your reference.

Comparison Chart: Woozoo M18U vs HD18NU

Let’s start with this comparison chart, a straightforward tool that should be easy to use. Just scroll down and spot the areas where these circulation fans differ in.

Woozoo Fan
Check Price » Woozoo M18U Check Price » Woozoo HD18NU
Adjustable Vertically
Quiet Mode
Built-in Handle
Number of Speeds 3 3
Applicable Area Coverage 275 sq. ft. 275 sq. ft.
Available Colors Black, White Black, White
Item Weight 5.29 pounds 3.75 pounds
Product Dimensions 9.8 x 9 x 13.2 inches 11.4 x 7.5 x 11.4 inches
Power Cord 62 inches 72 inches
Speed Controls Buttons Mechanical knob

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart, now, let’s talk about these fans’ key differences.

Design or Style

The most obvious difference is their design or style. As you can see, with the Woozoo M18U, the head is attached to a circular base, allowing the fan to have both oscillating and tilting functions.

On the other hand, the Woozoo HD18NU is attached to a U-shaped base. There are two attachment points located on the right and left sides of the fan. This style allows you to adjust the HD18NU vertically, but it can’t oscillate.

Oscillating Function

As previously mentioned, the M18U can oscillate while the HD18NU can’t. The HD18NU’s lack of oscillation can be a disadvantage especially if you don’t want a stagnant airflow.

Size and Weight

Based on the data available online, the Woozoo M18U is heavier by 2 pounds. However, when it comes to size, the Woozoo HD18NU is bigger.

Power Cord

The Woozoo HD18NU has a longer power cord, which measures 72 inches. In contrast, the M18U’s cord is only 62 inches.


This is another important difference between these two Woozoo air circulation fans. To control or adjust the speed settings of the Woozoo M18U, you need to choose from 3 separate buttons.

In comparison, the Woozoo HD18NU has a mechanical knob on its base. To select a speed, you’ll have to twist the dial.

Refer to the images on the right for your reference.

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Our Final Word: Woozoo M18U vs HD18NU Circulating Fan

Which of these Woozoo fans should you get? Here’s our recommendation.

Both of them can cover up to 275 square feet of living space, but the Woozoo M18U offers more useful features than the Woozoo HD18NU. That said, get the Woozoo M18U.