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Vornado VFAN Jr vs VFAN Sr Full Comparison

Vornado VFAN Jr vs VFAN Sr

Vornado VFAN Jr vs VFAN Sr… They look the same. But they’re different somehow. Is it just the size – junior and senior? Or are there other areas that they differ in? The answers will be provided in this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Vornado VFAN Jr vs VFAN Sr

We made it easy for you by giving you this side-by-side comparison chart, a straightforward guide that should be quick to use. Just scroll down and spot the differences.

Vornado Air Circulator
Model Check Price » Vornado VFAN Jr. Check Price » Vornado VFAN Sr.
Speed Settings 2 3
Control Style Mechanical Switch Mechanical Switch
Remote No No
Item Weight 3.84 lbs. 12.04 lbs.
Item Height 11.42 in. 17.375 in.
Grill Diameter 6.38 in. 10 in.
Blade Diameter 6.21 in. 9.75 in.
High Speed CFM 185 613
Low Speed CFM 116 348
High Speed dB 44 53
Low Speed dB 33 41
Watts 34 62
PowerCord Length 6 ft. 6 ft.
Colors Available Chrome, green, white Chrome, green, white

Key Differences

Aside from the size, did you spot any differences between the VFAN Jr and the VFAN Sr? We bet you did. Here, we’d like to explain these differences in full detail.

Key Similarities

But first, let’s talk about their key similarities.

One, both of these Vornado vintage fans come with a mechanical switch. Don’t expect a remote control to adjust the speed settings. You’ll have to gently reach to the back of the fan to manually adjust the speed knob.

Second, these fans are available in 3 beautiful colors – vintage white, green, and chrome.

Third, notice that the blades are deep-pitched propeller blades, a truly useful feature that helps bite off and circulate more air. Let’s not forget that these fans are also equipped with Vortex Technology, a signature Vornado feature that ensures all air is used and circulated for better ventilation and cooling.

Last, expect a powercord length of 6 feet, twin air cones, and a full action pivot head. Yes, you can move the head up and down to target a specific spot that you want.

Now, let’s focus on their key differences.

Weight, Height, Size

The weight and size aspects are, for the most part, the reason why these Vornado fans are given the “Junior” and “Senior” designations.

The VFAN Sr. is obviously the bigger and heavier of the two, weighing 12.04 lbs., which is more than 3 times the weight of the Jr.

As for height, the Sr. is also taller, standing more than 17 inches. In contrast, the Jr. is only 11.42 inches tall.

When it comes to the diameter of their grill, the VFAN Sr.’s grill spans 10 inches while the VFAN Jr.’s grill is measured to be 6.38 inches. For their blades, the Sr.’s blade is consistently wider in diameter than the Jr.’s.

That said, homeowners who are looking for a space-saving cooling appliance might find the VFAN Jr to be the better choice.

Speed Settings

The VFAN Jr comes with 2 speed settings. The VFAN Sr comes with 3 options. To adjust the speed to your preference, don’t expect a remote control. Instead, you’ll have to do it manually by turning/twisting the knob located at the back of the head.

CFM and Wattage

When it comes to CFM, the VFAN Sr moves air better than the VFAN Jr. According to the CFM ratings, the Senior is two times more efficient than the Junior.

However, take note that the VFAN Sr’s wattage is also higher than the VFAN Jr.

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Our Final Word: Vornado VFAN Jr vs VFAN Sr

Now that we’ve fully discussed the differences of the VFAN Jr and the VFAN Sr, let’s go back to the ultimate question: Which of these air circulators should you buy? Let’s end this Vornado VFAN Jr vs VFAN Sr comparison report with this recommendation.

If you’re after the model that blows or moves air better, then choose the Vornado VFAN Sr. It has a better CFM. Note also that it comes with 3 speed settings. The disadvantage is that it weighs 3 times more.

However, if budget and size are a concern, then go for the Vornado VFAN Jr. It’s petite, so it won’t be a problem when it comes to storage.

Where to Buy VFAN Jr and VFAN Sr

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