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Vornado Pivot vs Zippi: Which One to Get?

Vornado Pivot vs Zippi

There’s something missing in the image above. If this is your desk, you’re probably in need of a personal electric fan/air circulator.

Vornado has a few of the most stylish (or you can say cutest) personal fans available on the market. Here, we pit the Pivot against the Zippi. Which one of these cuties should you get? To know the answer, first, know what areas they differ in. For that reason, we give you this Vornado Pivot vs Zippi comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Vornado Pivot vs Zippi

Let’s start with this side-by-side comparison chart.

Vornado Personal Circulator/Fan
Model Check Price » Vornado Pivot Check Price » Vornado Zippi
Other Name CR1-0281-89 FA1-0007-78
Type Air Circulator Electric Fan
Speed Settings 3 2
Control Style Mechanical Switch Mechanical Switch
Weight 1.88 lbs. 1.7 lbs.
Product Dimensions (H x D x W) 6 x 5.1 x 5.73 inches 6.25 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches
Grill Diameter 4.02 in. N/A
Blade Diameter 3.76 in. 7.4 in.
CFM 18 – 44 120 – 140
RPM 1715 – 2951 1150 – 1550
Colors Available 4 6

Key Differences

So… which areas do these mini circulators/fan differ in? Let’s list them down here.

Design / Style

The first important difference between these two cooling devices is their design/style.

Both are really attractive, but look closely at the Vornado Pivot, and you’ll notice that it doesn’t have internal parts that are exposed for everyone to see. Unlike the Zippi, the Pivot’s internal parts are contained in a spiral grill. It’s a two-part appliance, wherein the airflow head is attached to a thin metal stand.

The Vornado Pivot is considered an “air circulator.” Meaning, it circulates air inside a room and it makes sure that air is in constant motion. That said, even if it’s not directed towards you, it can cool you off.

On the other hand, the Zippi is classified as an “electric fan.” Unlike the Pivot, it doesn’t circulate air, so to provide you with cooling relief, make sure that air is blown towards your direction.

The Zippi has exposed blades, but as advertised, these blades are made of soft nylon materials, which make them safe to touch even when they’re in motion. It’s also a two-part appliance, but unlike the Pivot, the Zippi’s stand is an enclosed loop.

Size, Speed, Blade Diameter

These personal cooling devices come with adjustable speed settings, but with the Pivot, you can choose from up to 3 selections. With the Zippi, there are only 2 options.

To make the adjustment, you have to locate and twist the speed knob at the back of the unit. Since the Pivot’s blades are contained in a grill, making this speed adjustment is much more convenient.

When it comes to weight, the Pivot is slightly heavier at 1.88 lbs. In comparison, the Zippi weighs 1.7 lbs.

When it comes to size, they’re also almost the same. The Pivot stands 6 inches tall, and the Zippi stands 6.25 inches.

When it comes to blade diameter, the Zippi’s blades are almost two times longer than the Pivot’s. According to the data provided by Vornado, the Zippi’s blades measure 7.4 inches. In comparison, the Pivot’s blades measure 3.76 inches.

Since the Pivot’s blades are shorter, its RPM value is higher than the Zippi.

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Our Final Word: Vornado Pivot vs Zippi

Let’s ask the ultimate question… which of these Vornado mini cooling devices should you get? To end this Vornado Pivot vs Zippi comparison report, here’s our recommendation.

Get the Vornado Zippi. Why? Because it’s more powerful.

Where to Buy Vornado Pivot and Zippi

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