Mini Air Circulator Comparison Reports

Vornado FIT vs Pivot, Which Personal Fan to Buy?

Vornado FIT vs Pivot

There are plenty of reasons why you need a personal fan/air circulator. These mini cooling devices boast a small footprint and light weight, so they’re perfect for traveling. And since they’re meant for cooling off one person, they’re ideal in an office (cubicle) setting.

Vornado has at least 4 selections of personal fans/circulators. Two of them are the Pivot and the FIT. (The other two are the Flippi line and the Zippi.)

In this report, we compare the FIT against the Pivot. What areas do they differ in? Let’s find out in this Vornado FIT vs Pivot comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Vornado FIT vs Pivot

Vornado Personal Fan
Model Check Price » Vornado FIT Check Price » Vornado Pivot
Other Name CR1-0225-70 CR1-0281-89
Type Air Circulator Air Circulator
Weight 2.02 lbs. 1.88 lbs.
Speed Settings 2 3
Control Style Mechanical Switch Mechanical Switch
Product Dimensions (H x D x W) 8.25 x 5.2 x 7.5 inches 6 x 5.1 x 5.73
Grill Diameter 6 in. 4.02 in.
Blade Diameter 5.75 in. 3.76 in.
CFM 67 – 85 18 – 44
Sound in dB 35 – 40 31 – 41
RPM 1200 – 1500 1715 – 2951
Power Cord Length 6 ft. 6 ft.
Colors Available 2 4

Key Differences

Here are the differences between these two Vornado personal air circulators.


Both of these personal air circulators have a distinct design, so mistaking one for the other is almost impossible.

As you can see, the Vornado FIT is flat panel by design, square in shape with a slight bulge on its sides. The blades are enclosed in a spiral grill, and the unit comes with a stand that can be folded up for easy storage and travel.

Refer to the image on the right for your reference.

On the other hand, the Pivot’s design is advertised as a nod to Vornado’s roots in aviation. To borrow the words of the brand, the Pivot looks something “akin to a stylized jet engine.” It looks good, we have to admit.

Just like the FIT, the Pivot doesn’t have exposed blades. All its parts are enclosed in a spiral grill. The airflow head is attached to a slim metal stand with rubber feet to keep it stable.

CFM and Noise Level

When it comes to CFM rating, the Vornado FIT is rated more than the Vornado Pivot.

At its highest setting, the FIT has a rating of 85 CFM. On the other hand, the Pivot has a rating of 44 CFM when set at highest speed.

Which of these air circulators is quieter?

Based on the available data we’ve collected, there is only a slight difference between these two when it comes to noise level. At the lowest speed, the Vornado FIT produces only 35 decibels while the Vornado Pivot produces 31 decibels.

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Speed and Adjustment

Both the FIT and Pivot have adjustable speed settings, but there are two main differences.

One, the FIT allows you to choose between 2 speed options while with the Vornado Pivot, expect 3 selections. Two, although both of these circulators are equipped with a mechanical switch to adjust speed, the kind of switch they have, plus their location relative to the unit, is different.

How so?

The FIT has a small circular switch located at the side while the Pivot’s knob can be found at the back of the airflow head.

Take a look at the images below to compare.

Vornado FIT vs Pivot: Which Personal Circulator to Buy?

Which of these two personal air circulators is for you? Let’s end this Vornado FIT vs Pivot comparison report with our recommendation.

If you’re looking for a cooling device that combines form and function, then get the Vornado Pivot. It looks really attractive, and when not in use, it serves as a cute decor on your desk.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cooling device that you can take with you on your travels, then get the Vornado FIT. It’s fold-up stand and flat panel design are a big plus.

Where to Buy the FIT and the Pivot