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Vornado 683 vs 7803 Pedestal Fan Comparison

Vornado 683 vs 7803

With a pedestal fan, you’ll get to enjoy a few benefits that you won’t if you choose a floor or a ceiling fan (or circulator).

For instance, since most pedestal fans come with an adjustable height, expect the airflow to have a wider scope. If you have a tall bed, a pedestal fan is the most practical choice. Also, pedestal fans are, in general, more powerful than a floor fan.

Now, there are several brands of pedestal fans to choose from, and one of the most reputable names is Vornado. In this comparison report, we pit the Vornado 683 against the 7803. Which of these models should you buy? To answer this question, first, know their differences. This is where our Vornado 683 vs 7803 comparison report comes in.

Comparison Chart: Vornado 683 vs 7803

Let’s start with this side-by-side comparison chart.

Vornado Pedestal Fan
Model Check Price » Vornado 683 Check Price » Vornado 7803
Other Name CR1-0226-06 CR1-0254-06
Speed Settings 3 3
Height Up to 38 in. Up to 40 in.
Power Cord Length 6 ft. 6 ft.
Max Distance 75 ft. 100 ft.
Controls Knob Knob
Location of Controls Top of Stand Top of Stand
Cord Storage

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Now, it’s time to talk about these pedestal fans’ key differences.


At first glance, these two Vornado fans look the same, but on closer look, they’re not. Although they almost have the same parts, their main difference is the design of the airflow head.

The Vornado 683‘s airflow head is very simple in its construction. The blades are enlosed in a high-quality plastic grill, and the whole airflow head is attached to the stand through a U-shaped attachment.

It’s also important to note that the front grill is spiral while the back grill consists of straight bars.

On the other hand, the Vornado 7803’s airflow head consists of spiral bars for both front and back grills. There’s also an additional part that serves as a cord wrap or storage.

Refer to the images on the right and below for your reference.


Both pedestal fans come with an adjustable stand, but their difference is the maximum height you can adjust them to. Based on data available, the Vornado 683 can be adjusted to a maximum height of 38 inches. In comparison, the Vornado 7803 can be adjusted to up to 40 inches.

Coverage Area

Which has a wider coverage are? The Vornado 7803 can move air up to 100 feet, while the Vornado 683 can cover up to 75 feet.

Cord Wrap Storage

As previously mentioned, the Vornado 7803 has a cord storage at the back of the airflow head. Unfortunately, the Vornado 683 doesn’t have this feature.

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Our Final Word: Vornado 683 vs 7803

Which of these pedestal fans should you get? Let’s end this Vornado 683 vs 7803 comparison report right. Here’s our recommendation.

Get the Vornado 7803. It has more coverage area, its stand can be adjusted to up to 40 inches, and it has a cord storage.

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