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Ultra Brite Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan Review

Ultra Brite Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan Review

The UltraBrite desk lamp is a great concept. It’s designed to provide illumination on a personal desk, and as a bonus, it features a bladeless fan. By theory, this desk lamp/bladeless fan is perfect on your child’s study desk, or on your own desk at the dorm.

But before you make a purchase, is this product any good? What are its pros and cons? Let’s provide some answers in this Ultra Brite desk lamp with bladeless fan review.

Key Features of the Ultra Brite

Here’s a list of the UltraBrite desk lamp/fan‘s key features. We divide this section into two main parts to discuss the lamp and fan functions of the product.

Bladeless Fan Features

Some dual-function lamps such as this one features fan blades that are exposed (i.e., not enclosed wtih grills). Although these blades are usually the mini types, they can still hurt you. The UltraBrite is equipped with a bladeless fan with 3 fan speeds.

The fan is located at the bottom part of the unit. Just below it is the touch control panel where you’ll have access to either the fan or lamp functions.

To activate the fan, you’ll have to press on the designated button. Press it again to adjust the speed. As you go to a higher setting, the unit makes a sound.

LED Desk Lamp Features

As previously mentioned, the lamp function can be activated through the control panel at the bottom of the unit. The panel gives you 5 brightness options that you can choose from just by simply tapping the controls or raising with your finger.

The upper part of this unit is fully adjustable and can be moved to all types of directions. It gives you three mode light temperatures – warm, natural, and bright – and its memory function remembers your last setting.

Other Features

This product comes with 2 USB charging ports. This fact — and the fact that it weighs only 3.75 pounds — makes it very easy to transport or carry from one place to another. Say, if a friend wants to borrow it for the night, portability shouldn’t be an issue.

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Consumer Feedback: Pros and Cons

What do previous buyers say about the UltraBrite desk lamp with bladeless fan? Here’s what we found out from two sources – from the consumer feedback on a popular online retailer, and from review videos.

Pros and Cons of the Fan

Here are some observations.

  • As a personal fan, the UltraBrite desk lamp/fan is expected to be not as powerful and cannot compete with bigger bladeless fans such as the EODO. But at least, it should help cool you off somewhat. The verdict? It’s disappointing.
  • At the highest setting, the fan makes an annoying buzzing noise.

Pros and Cons of the Lamp

How’s the UltraBrite’s lamp function?

  • In general, the lamp’s 5 levels of brightness have been received positively.
  • While the lamp function is a lot better than the fan, several people have issues regarding its quality, saying that their unit died only after a few months.

Other Comments

  • The USB ports are a useful feature because they serve another purpose such as charging your phones or tablet.
  • The lamp and the fan work independently, which is a good thing.
  • It has a small footprint, and it fits well on your desk without taking up too much space.

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Our Recommendation: Ultra Brite Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan Review

Let’s end this Ultra Brite desk lamp with bladeless fan review with our recommendation? Here’s what we have to say.

Based on the feedback from previous buyers, the UltraBrite’s lamp function is more reliable than its fan function. However, there are issues regarding its durability, so to end this review, we say purchase the UltraBrite desk lamp/bladeless fan with reservations.