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Rowenta VU2660 vs VU2631: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to staying cool and comfortable at home, a table fan can be a great choice. The Rowenta VU2660 and the Rowenta VU2631 are both popular options that offer a range of features and functions to help keep you cool.


One key difference between the two fans is the size. The Rowenta VU2660 is a larger table fan, with a diameter of 16 inches, while the Rowenta VU2631 is smaller, with a diameter of 14 inches. This may be a deciding factor for some users, depending on the space they have available and their preference for a more compact or a more imposing design.

Speed Settings

Another difference is the number of speed settings. The Rowenta VU2660 has three speed settings, while the Rowenta VU2631 has four. This may be a consideration for users who want more control over the airflow of the fan. Both fans are relatively quiet, with noise levels of around 50 decibels on the highest setting, but the VU2660 may be slightly louder due to its larger size.

Oscillation Function

Both fans have a remote control for easy operation, and they both have a timer function that allows you to set the fan to turn off after a certain amount of time. The Rowenta VU2660 also has an oscillation function, which allows the fan to oscillate back and forth for wider coverage of the room. The VU2631 does not have this feature.

Comparison Chart: Rowenta VU2660 vs VU2631

Table Fan
Model Check Price » Rowenta VU2660 Check Price » Rowenta VU2631
Diameter 16 inches 14 inches
Speed settings 3 4
Noise level 50 decibels 50 decibels
Remote control
Timer function