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PureFlow QT7 Review, Pros and Cons

PureFlow QT7 Review

There are obvious reasons why a bladeless fan is the better choice. For one, there are toddlers and kids at home, and understandably, safety is the number one concern.

Are you looking for a bladeless that can sit still on your desk? The PureFlow QT7 may be a good candidate. Its exterior is mostly white, and it resembles a robot-like toy fresh from a sci-fi movie, but it’s advertised as an “extremely versatile” bladeless fan. How versatile, you ask? Does it deliver its promised results? Let’s find out in this PureFlow QT7 review.

Key Features of the PureFlow QT7-Bladeless

Let’s start this PureFlow QT7 review with a list of this bladeless fan’s key features.

90-Degree Tilt; 90-Degree Oscillation

The QT7 has a multi-directional airflow, thanks to its 90-degree vertical tilt, on top of its 90-degree horizontal oscillation.

You can choose to adjust this fan straight up to target the ceiling, or you can simply allow it to oscillate from left to right and circulate the air in the room. This goes without saying that turning the oscillation mode off allows you to direct the airflow to a specific spot.

12 Fan Speeds

Most air circulators such as the Vornado VFAN Sr. come with 3 or 4 speed settings. But with the PureFlow QT7, you can choose from 12 settings to satisfy your preference — from a “gentle breeze to a full gust of wind.”

Make the adjustment using either the remote control or the control display on the unit.

13 dB on Lowest Setting

One of the main advantages of bladeless fans is that they’re extremely quiet. Just how quiet is the PureFlow QT7 bladeless fan? As advertised, it produces only 13 decibels of sound on its lowest setting. Note that a typical conversation is about 30 dB. That means when the PureFlow QT7 is on, you can barely hear anything.

Timer and Auto Shut-Off

Yes, this bladeless fan is equipped with a timer. You can choose
from 1 to 9 hours. After that time, the unit will automatically shut off.

Other Features

  • Product contents: QT7 unit, remote control
  • Coverage area: 30 feet
  • CFM: 198
  • Weight: 6 lbs. or 2.72 kg.
  • Unit Dimensions: 12.75″ H (324mm) x 10.5″ W (267mm)) x 10.63″ D (270mm)

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Consumer Feedback: PureFlow QT7 Review

What do previous buyers have to say about the PureFlow QT7? In summarized form, here are the pros and cons of this bladeless fan.


Let’s start with the advantages of this product.

What is it made of?

It’s made of plastic, but as some previous buyers have pointed out, it’s well-made and durable. One even said that it won’t crack easily even if you knock on it with a closed fist.

Is it really quiet?

Yes, it is, especially on the 1st to 4th speed settings. Still, even at higher settings, the noise you’ll hear is the sound of moving air.

Is it easy to clean?

For fans with blades, you may have to unscrew the grills so that you can clean the dust that has settled on the blades. If you hate this cleaning procedure, be happy to know that cleaning the PureFlow QT7 is a lot easier.

How much air does it put out?

It puts out a decent amount of air. Although as one person has observed, a Vornado air circulator is more powerful than the QT7.

Limitations of the PureFlow QT7

  • Nope, this bladeless fan cannot be mounted on the wall. It’s a table fan, but because of its 90-degree tilt, you can place it on the floor.
  • The QT7 can be used outdoors, but not in places where it can get wet and cause problems.
  • The control panel’s backlit can be too bright to your liking and will be annoying especially when trying to get some sleep. A solution is to put a tape or cloth to cover it.
  • Know that this bladeless fan makes a beep when you push a button, which you might find to be annoying.

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Our Recommendation: PureFlow QT7 Review

So… should you buy the PureFlow QT7? Here’s our recommendation.

It’s a yes for us. It’s not the most attractive bladeless fan out there, and it’s larger than expected (the size of a bowling bowl), but its advantages outweigh its limitations. It’s an ideal cooling device if you have children at home. Get the PureFlow QT7 here.

Alternatives to the QT7 Bladeless Fan

Looking for other options? These 3 brands of bladeless fans offer three alternatives.

The first one is a Dyson-like fan. The next is a cute portable bladeless fan that can be charged using a USB port. The last brand is a wall-mountable bladeless fan that comes with its own remote control.

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