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Lasko Wind Machine vs Wind Tunnel Full Comparison

Lasko Wind Machine vs Wind Tunnel Full Comparison

Floor fans give you the advantage of portability. Unlike ceiling fans, no permanent installation is required. Unlike pedestal fans, you don’t have to worry about breaking any of the parts. They’re also stable just sitting on the floor.

Lasko Wind Machine vs Wind Tunnel… which of these floor fans is for you? To know the answer, it’s best to find out their differences. For this purpose, we give you this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Lasko Wind Machine vs Wind Tunnel

Use this chart as a quick reference and guide to compare and contrast these two Lasko floor fans.

Lasko Floor Fan
Model Check Price » Lasko Wind Machine Check Price » Lasko Wind Tunnel
Other Name Lasko 3300 Lasko A20700
Weight 10.1 lbs 10.7 lbs
Size/Height 25.38″L x 7.19″W x 23.38″H 23.5″L x 6.5″W x 23.75″H
Controls Manual Electronic
Speed 3 3
Pivoting Head
Wall-Mount Option
4-Hour Timer

Key Differences

In this section, we list down the key areas where these fans differ in.


One notable between these two floor fans is their control panel. The Wind Machine comes with a simple knob dial that allows you to adjust the fan speed. On the other hand, the Wind Tunnel has an electronic panel that sits on top of the unit.

The Wind Tunnel comes with a remote control while the Wind Machine doesn’t.


Another difference is the presence or absence of two features. The Wind Tunnel (Lasko A20700) can be mounted on the wall, and it has a 4-hour timer. The Wind Machine (Lasko 3300), on the other hand, does not have these features or functionalities.

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Bottomline: Lasko Wind Machine vs Wind Tunnel

So… which one has better features? Based on the chart presented above, it’s the Wind Tunnel. Not only does it come with an electronic panel that can be remotely controlled, it also has a wall-mount option and a 4-hour timer.