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Lasko 4890 Reviews: Just Elegant or Also Functional?

Lasko 4890 Reviews

Lasko 4890 reviews… Most of the tower fans on the market today have a common design, so the Lasko 4890 is definitely a breath of fresh air. There’s the word “elegant” attached to its name, but to us, it looks like a mini Japanese temple. In short, it’s pretty.

But the question is, is it also functional? Sure, it makes a towering home decor which can be lovely to look at when not in use, but it’s first and foremost designed to cool people off.

Let’s give you some answers in this review, which include a summary of its pros and cons as provided by previous buyers.

Key Features of the Lasko Elegant Outdoor Tower Fan

Let’s start this Lasko 4890 review with a brief list of this outdoor tower fan’s key features.

Decorative Outdoor Tower Fan

The Lasko 4890 is almost 50 inches in height, which makes it a really tall fan, which gives it a commanding presence in your patio or any living space outdoors. To make up for its height, this tower fan has a body that’s bigger than a lot of indoor tower fans, measuring 14 x 15.5 inches. Yet, with all these measurements, it’s still a space-saving appliance.

As previously mentioned, this fan has a very nice exterior, but what we chose to leave out is that it also has a dimmable accent lighting to give it a dramatic effect especially at night.

To make sure that it’s safe to use outside, Lasko equipped the 4890 with an in-line GCFI cord (ground fault circuit interrupter) that “will stand up to outdoor conditions.”

Controls and Features

The Lasko Elegant Outdoor Tower Fan has a simple button control panel and a remote control. The following are the features/functions that you can adjust and control.

  • Speed: Choose from low, medium, or high by simply pressing the Speed button once, two, or three times. Pressing it a fourth time will turn the unit off.
  • Internal oscillation: Nope, the fan will not move from side to side because of this feature. You can turn it on or off by simply locating and pressing the oscillation button.
  • Accent lighting: Just press the Light button to get a “maintenance-free, soft LED light” for nighttime use. You can control the brightness level by pressing and holding the Light button.

Other than these features, expect these functions from the Lasko 4890.

  • Louver control: There’s a control knob on the unit that lets you adjust the louver up or down.
  • Auto-off function: This automatically shuts off the fan when the control panel is not touched for 14 continuous hours.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14″ x 15 1/2″ x 49 1/2″
  • In-line gfci cord with 3 prong plug
  • Control panel light can be turned off

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Consumer Feedback: Pros and Cons

In summarized form, here’s what consumers say about their Lasko 4890.

Pros of the Lasko 4890

  • Airflow. Can you set this fan at 10 or so feet and still be effective? The general consensus is that it is. It does provide cooling relief at this distance.
  • Noise. As the speed setting goes up, the sound also goes up. However, the “hum” sound it gives should not be too bothersome to interfere with conversation. As one person said, they have two of these fans set 10 feet away from their pond waterfall, and when these fans both run on medium, you can still hear the waterfall.
  • Bugs. To some extent, the Lasko 4890 can keep bugs away from you, especially if you’re close to the unit.
  • Weather resistance. It’s an outdoor fan, and it’s designed to be weather resistant. Is it? Yes, according to previous buyers. One person said he leaves his unit outdoors uncovered and it still functions well after a year.
  • Appearance. Previous buyers describe their fan to be “well-built,” “nice,” “attractive,” and “good looking.”

Lasko 4890 Limitations

  • It doesn’t come with a cover.
  • The biggest disadvantage is that it only has one opening, thereby limiting reach and oscillation.

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Our Recommendation: Lasko 4890 Reviews

Should you get one? Here’s our recommendation.

Yes get a Lasko 4890 if you don’t mind that it only has one opening. It has a great airflow, and its attractive appearance makes it a perfect outdoor decor when not in use.