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Lasko 4443 vs 2551: Lasko Tower Fan Comparison

Lasko 4443 vs 2551

What is the difference between Lasko 4443 and 2551? These models are two of the most popular Lasko tower fans available online today. But if you’re confused with which one to get, we’d like to help clear up a few things so that you can eventually get the tower fan that fits your needs.

In this Lasko 4443 vs 2551 comparison, we give you a detailed report of these models’ similarities and differences, which include their technical specs, features, and what previous consumers have to say about them.

Lasko 4443 vs 2551: Features and Specs

To get started with this Lasko 4443 vs 2551 comparison report, let’s first present this chart that highlights their features and specs.

Based on the Lasko 4443 vs 2551 chart below, here are what makes these models similar:

Both have the same speed settings (high, medium, low) and have the same optional oscillation function. Both models also come with a remote control and minimal assembly is required to put together the support base before initial use.

Here are their differences.

The Lasko 2551 is 2 inches taller than the Lasko 4443, but the latter is a hybrid fan. Meaning, it’s designed in a way so that its blades are located in the base, sucking in air and forcing it up and out of this cooling device.

Next, although both comes with a remote control, the controls are different in shape and the number of buttons they have (which correspond to the functionalities they offer). Lasko 4443’s remote is circular, and has only 4 buttons for power, oscillation, fan speed, and night light. On the other hand, Lako 2551’s remote is rectangular in shape, and it has 5 buttons: power, oscillation, timer, ionizer, and speed.

As you can notice, the nightlight button which allows you to switch on or off the display panel’s lights is only present in the Lasko 4443. Thought the Lasko 2551 doesn’t have this feature, it has the ionizer and timer functions, which the other model doesn’t.

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Lasko Model
Lasko 4443 Lasko 2551
Description 40″ Hybrid Fan 42″ Wind Curve Fan
Weight 13.85 lbs 12.1 lbs
Exact Dimensions 12 x 12.27 x 39.22 in 9 x 10 x 42.5 in
Speed Settings 3 3
Oscillation optional optional
Fresh Air Ionizer No Yes
Remote Control Yes Yes
Auto Shut-off / Timer No Yes, 0.5 to 7.5 hours
Assembly Required Yes, support base Yes, support base
Nightlight Function Yes No

Lasko 4443 Review: Consumer Feedback

Here are some pros and cons, as provided by people who have previously bought this tower fan.

– There are two sources of light that can be too bright to your liking. One, the nightlight, which is located at the bottom of the fan, and two, the power button. The nightlight button is truly helpful in that it gives you the option to turn the nightlight off. Unfortunately, the power light stays on. Some consumers cover it with a cloth, which can be an inconvenience.

– Does it blow cool air? Note that this is not an AC unit, so it takes whatever air is inside the room, and circulates it back. Several consumers, however, say that it blows cool air (but not as cool as what you’d get with an AC).

– When it comes to the noise the Lasko 4443 makes, consumers have conflicting feedback. While some of them say the noise doesn’t bother them at all (especially at the highest setting), others can sleep through it at night just fine. One person asked: Is it noisier than a Dyson tower? Those who answered said this Lasko fan makes more noise than a Dyson.

– What about oscillation? This fan’s exact degree of oscillation has not been provided by Lasko, but consumers approximate it to be around 90 degrees.

– When it comes to the fan blades, they’re located at the base of the device and enclosed with grills with narrow openings. Therefore, it should be safe for children.

– Does this fan fall over easily? The general consensus is that this tower fan has a stable base, so it doesn’t fall over that easily, unless you apply a great amount of force to it.

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Lasko 2551 Review: Consumer Feedback

To conclude this Lasko 4443 vs 2551 comparison report, here’s what consumers have said about the 2551.

– When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, instructions say that you shouldn’t open the fan for safety reasons. The recommended procedure is to use a vacuum to suck in residual dust and other dirt build-up. But according to some buyers, this suggestion hasn’t worked for them. What do they do instead? Some of them go ahead and take out the screws that hold the fan’s parts together. But one buyer uses a powerful leaf blower to get rid of the dust and says doing this works.

– There have been complaints about the oscillation function of the Lasko 2551. Sure, it oscillates to a certain angle (but not 180 degrees), but according to some buyers, the oscillation function of their unit ceased to function after only a few months of usage.

– Is it noisy? As it is with other tower fans, the term “noisy” can be subjective. What others may find noisy may not be true with you. But here are some descriptions used by consumers to describe the sound this tower fan makes: “some noise but not disruptive,” compared with other fans, this is “quieter,” “has a low hum,” “normal wind sound.”

– Not many people know what the ionizer does. In case you want to know, the ionizer helps purify the air by releasing positive and negative ions to trap and eliminate pollutants, odors, and other particles in the air. Does the Lasko 2551’s ionizer work? Buyers who use it notice that the air inside their room smells fresher and cleaner.

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