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Lasko 3520 vs 3542: Battle of the “Cyclone” Circulators

Lasko 3520 vs 3542

Lasko 3520 vs 3542… which of these air circulators should you buy? To find out the answer, the first step is to know what areas they differ in. Both are given the “Cyclone” name by Lasko, but which of them is equipped with a remote control? Which model has a timer function? Find out in this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Lasko 3520 vs 3542

Let’s start with this chart. Scroll down, and spot the differences.

Lasko Air Circulator
Model Check Price » Lasko 3520 Check Price » Lasko 3542
Weight 10.7 lbs 10.2 lbs
Size/Height 23.5″L x 6.75″W x 23.19″H 23.5″L x 6.75″W x 23.19″H
Speed 3 3
Controls Manual Electronic controls
Pivoting Head
Buit-in carry handle
Wall-mount option
Remote Control

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above, but before we list down the main differences, let’s first talk about their key similarities.

As previously mentioned, both the Lasko 3520 and the 3542 are under the “Cyclone” catalogue. They’re both air circulators – meaning, they help circulate air and ensure that it’s in constant motion. Their spiral grill also helps with this purpose.

When it comes to speed, these Cyclone fans are equipped with 3 selections – low, medium, and high. When it comes to size, they have the same dimensions based on that data given by Lasko on its official website.

Other features that they have in common include the following: a built-in carry handle, a wall-mount option, and a pivoting head to give you a multi-directional airflow.

Now, let’s focus on their key differences.

Controls and Remote

The most obvious difference between these two Lasko fans is their controls.

The Lasko 3542 comes with an electronic control panel and indicators that light up depending on the setting you’ve selected. On the other hand, the Lasko 3520 is equipped with a mechanical knob that you can turn to select the speed of your choice.

For both Lasko Cyclone fans, the controls are located on top of the unit.

Another difference is the presence (or lack) of a remote control. The Lasko 3542 has a remote control. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing with the Lasko 3520.

Take a look at the images on the right for your reference.

Timer Feature and Weight

Another difference is the presence of a timer feature. The Lasko 3542 has a timer feature that you can set from 2 hours to 8 hours. The Lasko 3520 lacks this feature.

When it comes to weight, there’s only a slight difference. Which one is heavier? It’s the Lasko 3520, which weighs 10.7 lbs. In comparison, the Lasko 3542 weighs 10.2 lbs.

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Our Final Word: Lasko 3520 vs 3542

Which of these two Lasko Cyclone air circulators is for you? Here’s our recommendation.

If you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks, then get the Lasko 3542. It has a timer function, it comes with electronic controls, and it has a remote control.

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