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Lasko 3300 vs 3520 Floor Fan Comparison

Lasko 3300 vs 3520

Before we get to our Lasko 3300 vs 3520 comparison report, allow us to talk briefly about the benefits of having a floor fan instead of other types such as pedestals.

Since floor fans stay on the floor, they’re meant to provide circulation and cooling relief targeting lower areas and spaces. For instance, if you don’t have a reliable air circulator, under-furniture spaces may be “hot spots.” So to make sure that your feet are comfortable at all times, you can turn on a floor fan.

Because floor fans are generally bigger in size than a desktop fan, they have more power to provide relief to at least one person, provided that they can at least have an oscillation feature.

Now, let’s proceed with our Lasko 3300 vs 3520 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Lasko 3300 vs 3520

Lasko Floor Fan
Model Check Price » Lasko 3300 Check Price » Lasko 3520
Other Name Wind Machine Cyclone
Weight 10.1 lbs 10.7 lbs
Size/Height 25.38″L x 7.19″W x 23.38″H 23.5″L x 6.75″W x 23.19″H
Controls Manual Manual
Speed 3 3
Location of Control Knob Side of unit Top of unit
Built-in Carry Handle
Pivoting Head
Wall-Mount Option
Spiral Grill

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Now, let’s talk about these Lasko floor fans’ key differences. First, let’s briefly discuss and list down their key similarities.

One, they have the same height. As advertised, both the Wind Machine (3300) and the Cyclone (3520) are 20 inches tall. Note that the actual measurement is 23 inches.

Second, they come with 3 speed settings (low, medium, high) that can be adjusted through a mechanical knob located either the side or top of the unit.

Third, both of them are equipped with a built-in carry handle so that it’s easier to transfer them from one place to another. They also come with a pivoting head, giving you multi-directional airflow. See image on the right.

Now, let’s focus on their differences.

Air Circulator vs Fan

As advertised, the Lasko 3520 is equipped with a “power air circulator with aerodynamic blades.” That said, the 3520 is able to circulate air around the room, making sure that it stays in motion.

In addition, the Lasko 3520 comes with a spiral grill that helps with more efficient and effective air circulation.

On a side note, now you know why Lasko 3520’s other name is “Cyclone.”

On the other hand, the Lasko 3300 is an ordinary electric fan. It doesn’t circulate air in the room. So to give you cooling relief, you have to make sure that the airflow is directed towards you.

Wall-Mount Option

This is another one of the advantages of the Lasko 3520. It can easily be transformed from a floor fan to a cooling device that can be mounted on the wall.

Take a look at the second image on the right.

Other Features

When it comes to weight, there’s only a slight difference, with the Cyclone being the heavier fan. It weighs 10.7 lbs. In comparison, the Lasko 3300 has a weight of 10.1 lbs.

When it comes to the location of the knobs the Lasko 3300’s knob can be found on the side of the unit. The Lasko 3520’s fan speed knob, on the other hand, is situated on top of the unit.

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Our Final Word: Lasko 3300 vs 3520

Which of these two Lasko floor fans should you choose? Let’s end this Lasko 3300 vs 3520 comparison report with this recommendation.

Get the Lasko 3520 (Cyclone) because one, it’s an air circulator, and two, because it has a wall-mount option.

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