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Lasko 2511 vs 2505 Tower Fan Comparison

Lasko 2511 vs 2505

Lasko 2511 vs 2505… which of these should you buy? Both of these tower fans stand 36 inches in height. Both are from Lasko, a reputable brand whose catalogue of tower fans can be relied on. To help you with the answer, here’s our comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Lasko 2511 vs 2505

Lasko Tower Fan
Model Check Price » Lasko 2511 Check Price » Lasko 2505
Weight 12.31 lbs 10 lbs
Size/Height 12″L x 12″W x 36″H 12″L x 12″W x 36″H
Controls Electronic controls Electronic controls
Oscillation Widespread oscillation Widespread oscillation
Speeds 3 3
Timer 7-hour timer 7-hour timer
Built-in carry handle
Fresh air ionizer option

Key Differences

Aside from the minor differences in the design or style, there are two main areas that the Lasko 2511 and the Lasko 2505 differ in. We list them down below.


According to the data provided by Lasko on its official website, there is a significant difference in weight between these two tower fans.

Which one is heavier?

At 10 lbs., it’s the Lasko 2505. In comparison, the Lasko 2511 weighs 2 pounds more — 12.31 lbs. to be exact.

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Fresh Air Ionizer Option

The Ionizer option is what separates the Lasko 2505 from the Lasko 2511.

What does this feature do? In simple terms, an ionizer helps purify and clean the air inside your home. It does this by releasing electrically charged particles called ions in the air. These particles bind themselves with dirt, microbes, and odors, and then fall to the ground to be swept at a later time.

You can activate the air ionizer option of the Lasko 2505 either through the electronic controls on the unit, or through the remote control.

Below are images showing the remote controls of both the Lasko 2511 and the Lasko 2505. Notice the difference in the functions/features present in each tower fan.

Our Final Word: Lasko 2511 vs 2505

Which of these tower fans should you get? Here’s our recommendation.

The air ionizer option of the Lasko 2505 is not really a dealbreaker. A lot of people don’t use them. However, it’s still a nice added feature because it can help clean and purify the air inside your home. This is especially important if you have pets in the house.

Where to Buy Lasko 2511 and 2505