Pedestal Fan Comparison Reports

Lasko 1827 vs 1820, Let’s Compare!

Lasko 1827 vs 1820

Lasko 1827 vs 1820… What are the main differences between these two Lasko pedestal fans? Or are there more similarities than there are differences? To find out, we did some data gathering, and in this report is a summary of what we found out.

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Comparison Chart: Lasko 1827 vs 1820

To compare two products, it’s easier to put them side-by-side to each other. Scroll down and see their differences. Do you see any?

Lasko Fan
Model Check Price » Lasko 1827 Check Price » Lasko 1820
Speed Settings 3 3
Height 18 inches 18 inches
Weight 13 lbs 11.3 lbs
Dimensions 20.5″L x 13″W x 54.5″H 20.5″L x 11.3″W x 54.5″H
Color Black White
Tilt-back fan head
Adjustable height
The Blue Plug™ Patented safety fuse technology
Manual Controls

Key Differences: Lasko 1827 vs 1820

Based on the chart presented above, we can say that the Lasko 1827 and the Lasko 1820 have more similarities than they have differences.

Their main difference is in their color and their weight. The Lasko 1827 is black, and the Lasko 1820 is white. When it comes to weight, the Lasko 1827 is a bit heavier. It weighs 13 lbs. In comparison, the Lasko 1820 weighs 11.3 lbs.

What are their similarities?

They have the same speed settings. You can use a mechanical knob to choose among three speed settings. These pedestal fans also have an adjustable height, so whether you’re standing or sitting down, you’ll cool off for sure. Aside from that, these pedestal fans are also equipped with a patented safety fuse technology that the brand calls “Blue Plug.”

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Which One to Buy: Lasko 1827 vs 1820

Which one to buy? Here’s our recommendation.

It boils down to the color of your choice. If you love black, then the Lasko 1827 is for you. If the white color suits your furniture and decor better, then go for the Lasko 1820.

Where to Buy Lasko 1827 and 1820

Check Price » Lasko 1827 Check Price » Lasko 1820