Bladeless Fan Comparison Reports

Innerest Windamp vs EODO Bladeless Fan, Which One to Buy?

Innerest Windamp vs EODO Bladeless Fan

Innerest Windamp vs EODO bladeless fan… We all know the two main benefits of bladeless fans. One, compared to electric fans with blades, bladeless models are much more silent. When they’re in operation, especially when they’re set to the lowest speeds, you can barely hear them. Second, because these fans have no blades that can cause problems, children are safe around them.

Which of these two bladeless fans should you choose? The Innerest Windamp that features a square outlet, or the EODO bladeless fan with an annular outlet? Let’s provide you with their differences in this Innerest Windamp vs EODO bladeless fan comparison report.

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Comparison Chart: Innerest Windamp vs EODO Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Fans
Model Check Price » Innerest Windamp Check Price » EODO Bladeless Fan
Shape Square Circle
Other Purposes N/A Aroma diffuser and humidifier
Degree of Oscillation 70 degrees 90 degrees
Degree of Tilt 30 degrees 180 degrees
Weight 9.5 pounds 5.94 pounds
Product Dimensions 14.45 x 12.15 x 16.5 inches 14.4 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches
Colors Available White Blue, Silver
Remote Control
Touch-Control Panel
Timer Function
Adjustable Air Flow Levels
Kids Lock
Sleep Mode
Digital Display Off

Key Differences of the Innerest Windamp and Eodo Fans

As was presented in the chart above, there are quite a few differences between the Innerest Windamp and EODO bladeless fans. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Other Functions

The first important difference between these two bladeless fans is their other uses. They’re both patronized because of their cooling features, but the EODO bladeless fan goes beyond this function. It’s also designed to act as a humidifier and as an aroma diffuser.

If you look closely, at the back part of the EODO, there are two compartments designated for water and essential oils. If you activate these features, expect fresh-smelling and clean air to be circulated in your house.


The most obvious difference is their design. As you can already tell, the Innerest takes a square-shaped air outlet while the EODO has a circular or annular air outlet. Take note that the EODO is designed that way because of its other functions.

When it comes to color, the EODO is available in either silver or blue. The Innerest Windamp is available in white.

It’s also worth noting that when it comes to weight, the Innerest Windamp is heavier at 9.5 pounds, which is 3 pounds more than the EODO.

Oscillation and Tilt

If you go back to the chart, you’ll notice that the degrees by which these bladeless fans can tilt and operate are different, and by a large margin, the EODO has a wider span.

Data available reveals that the EODO has a 90-degree rotation/oscillation and a 180-degree tilt. In contrast, the Innerest Windamp can only oscillate up to 70 degrees and tilt to up to 30 degrees.


Both models are equipped with a remote control and a touch-control panel, but when it comes to features, there are a few differences.

For instance, the Innerest Windamp enjoys the advantage of having a Kids Lock and Sleep Mode function, which are not present in the EODO.

The EODO, however, gives you the ability to turn off the digital display at night, something that you can’t do with the Innerest Windamp.

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Our Final Word: Innerest Windamp vs EODO Bladeless Fan

Let’s end this Innerest Windamp vs EODO bladeless fan comparison report. Which of these fans should you buy? This is what we have to say.

Our vote is with the EODO. It has more useful features and funtions than the Innerest Windamp. It’s more lightweight, and it can also act as an aroma diffuser and a humidifier. Get the EODO bladeless fan here.

Bladeless Fan Alternatives

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