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Honeywell HYF290B vs HY-280 Full Comparison

Honeywell HYF290B vs HY-280

Honeywell HYF290B vs HY-280… Here are two popular tower fans. Which of them is for you?

On one hand, there’s the HYF290B, an 8-speed oscillating tower fan black tower fan (“B” stands for “black”) with beautiful touch-button controls. On the other hand, there’s the HY-280, also an 8-speed tower fan that promises to “release large amounts of cool air into the largest of rooms.”

To help you make a decision, first, know where their differences lie in this Honeywell HYF290B vs HY-280 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Honeywell HYF290B vs HY-280

Honeywell Tower Fan
Model Check Price » Honeywell HYF290B Check Price » Honeywell HY-280
Speed Settings 8 8
Sleep Function
Timer 1, 2, 4, 8 hours 1, 2, 4, 8 hours
Temperature Mode
Nighttime Light Dimming Feature
Remote Control Storage
Remote Control Buttons 3 (On/off, speed control, oscillation) 6 (On/off, speed control, oscillation, temperature mode, “+”, “-“)

Key Differences

Here’s a list of these Honeywell tower fans’ differences.


The first notable difference between the Honeywell HYF290B and the HY-280 is their design.

The HYF290B has a base that widens at the bottom, ensuring stability. The tip (or top part), which incidentally is where the control panel is located, is slanted or angled downwards.

On the other hand, the Kaz Honeywell HY-280 is giving us a circular base with a thinner pedestal to hold the unit in place. The top is also slightly slanted or angled downwards.

When it comes to assembly, expect the Honeywell HYF290B to come in two main parts: the base and the tower fan. On the other hand, the Honeywell HY-280 should come in three parts: base, pedestal, and tower fan.


Before we talk about these fans’ differences in features, let’s list down briefly which features they have in common.

One, they’re both equipped with a timer. You can set these units to run for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours and when the timer lapses, the unit automatically turns off.

Second, you can choose among 8 speed options. There’s also a sleep function available. Plus, there’s an oscillation button if you want to activate this feature. Last, they also have a remote control storage which is located at the back of the unit.

Now, here are their differences.

Nighttime Light Dimming Feature

The Honeywell HYF290B has a nighttime light dimming feature. You can set the brightness level of the control panel light from 25% to 100% level of brightness.

Unfortunately, the HY-280 doesn’t have this feature.

Temperature Mode

With the temperature mode, you can program the tower fan to adjust automatically to achieve the desired temperature. Between the two Honeywell tower fans, only the Honeywell HY-280 has this functionality.

Controls and Remote

Both of these Honeywell tower fans come with electronic controls on top of the unit. There are also indicator lights for the setting of your choice.

Since these fans don’t share the same number of features, you’ll find a difference in the number of buttons on both their control panel and their remote control.

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Our Final Word: Honeywell HYF290B vs HY-280

Which of these Honeywell tower fans should you buy? Here’s our recommendation.

Get the Honeywell HY-280. The temperature mode is a big plus, and although you may find that the bright lights of the control panel can be annoying, a quick fix is to put a cloth on it.

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