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Holmes HTF3110A-BTM Review, What Went Wrong?

Holmes HTF3110A-BTM Review

The Holmes HTF3110A-BTM 31-inch tower fan has received a low general rating on a popular online retailer. If the low rating is an indication, this Holmes tower fan’s negative feedback outweigh the positives. What went wrong? In this Holmes HTF3110A-BTM review, we give you the details about this product.

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A Short Intro on the Key Features of the Holmes HTF3110A-BTM

Holmes HTF3110A-BTM is a 31-inch oscillating fan with a slim tower design. Compared with the competition, it’s lightweight with a weight of 5.7 pounds. Its exact product dimensions include the following: 5.7 x 7.2 x 30.9 inches.

– Assembly is required. The process involves putting together the base halves around the power cord, and then securing the base halves to the fan housing. You need a Phillips head screw driver, and assembly takes 5 to 10 minutes.

– There are 3 speed settings to choose from. Again, this tower fan can oscillate. On top of the unit is a control panel. It’s not an LED or LCD display. The controls are push buttons.

– It doesn’t come with a remote control.

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Holmes HTF3110A-BTM Review, Consumer Feedback

In this part of our Holmes HTF3110A-BTM review, we give you a summarized report of what previous buyers have to say about their unit.

– Can the Holmes HTF3110A-BTM cool down a room? This is not an air conditioning unit, and there are no refrigerants in it. It’s an oscillating fan, and it pulls in air and then circulates it back to the room. But while it doesn’t actually lower the temperature of the room, it can make you feel comfortable and cool especially if you direct it towards you on a hot day.

– How many degrees does this tower fan oscillate? According to Holmes, it rotates approximately 110 degrees.

– Is it quiet? The varied responses reflect the subjectivity of the word “noisy” or “noise.” While some people say this fan is quiet, others disagree. It shouldn’t bother you, though, especially because the noise comes from the fan itself. Some people describe this sound as a “fluttery type of sound,” and it can be useful if you want to drown out other types of noise.

Over time, as some consumers have experienced, this tower fan can start making loud noises, especially if a screw is loose. This is also true when it oscillates.

– Aside from the noise, one of the most common complaints is that it wobbles, and it shakes when it oscillates.

– When it comes to air outflow, many people say that this fan isn’t the most powerful, and that it doesn’t have a “very strong air movement.”

– Here are some features or functionalities that you’d wish the Holmes HTF3110A-BTM had: a remote control, an LCD display.

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