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EODO Bladeless Fan Review, Should You Buy One?

EODO Bladeless Fan Review

From its front angle, the EODO bladeless fan looks like it came directly from a sci-fi movie. It looks like a spaceship of some sort — that is, if you have a wild imagination.

But no matter what you associate this fan with appearance-wise, it’s designed that way for a reason. As the company puts it, it’s a “revolutionary product.” How revolutionary? Does it deliver good results, or it’s just one of those hyped-up cooling appliances? Let’s find out in this EODO bladeless fan review.

Key Features of the EODO Bladeless Fan

What can you expect from the EODO? Here are its key features.


The EODO is a triple threat. Not only can it function as a bladeless fan, but it’s also designed to do two things – one, as a humidifier; second, as an air purifier. With this product, therefore, expect to breathe only the cleanest and freshest air at home.

Design and Parts

First, let’s talk about the EODO bladeless fan‘s unique design. In the image on your right, you can see that this fan comes with 5 main parts, which we list down as follows:

  1. Air outlet ring: Expect the air to come out from the annular outlet.
  2. Essential oil compartment: As previously mentioned, this fan has other functions than cooling a room. You can freshen up a room by adding your favorite essential oil into the designated compartment. Just a few drops will do. Note that beside this compartment is the water storage if you’d like to use the humidifier function.
  3. Control panel: It comes with its own remote control, but you can adjust the settings by pressing the respective button on the unit itself.
  4. Digital screen: Through the screen, you can see the current temperature of the room, and other types of information such as your timer setting.
  5. FOC motor: Theoretically, FOC motors allows the fan to move air efficiently without producing too much noise.

Fold and Rotate

Expect the ring to fold to up to 180 degrees. The whole unit is also able to rotate to up to 90 degrees.

Touch Screen Controls

Aside from its on/off button, there are 4 buttons on the control panel, giving you access to 4 functions. These are the Timer, Air Volume (+), Air Volume (-), and Oscillation (fold/rotate).

On the remote control, there are more controls. Refer to the image on the right.

Other Features

To complete the list of features, here are some pieces of info that you might be interested to know about the EODO bladeless fan.

  • Weight: 5.94 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 14.4 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches
  • Remote control, 5 meters distance
  • Noise level: less than 50 dB
  • Real-time monitoring of indoor temperature
  • Water tank capacity: up to 600 ml
  • Diameter of fan: 13.4 inches

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Consumer Feedback

What are the EODO fan’s pros and cons? Let’s hear it from the previous buyers themselves. In this section of our EODO bladeless fan review is a summary of consumer feedback, based on what we discovered when we went through the comments section of a popular online retailer.

Is it quiet?

Here are a few observations given by previous buyers.

The EODO bladeless fan has 8 speed settings to choose from. One person observed that at lower speeds, it’s “quiet like a hum,” but on higher settings, it’s a different story.

It’s not much quieter than a regular fan. That said, if you’re looking for a cooling machine that can drown out other noise and gives you some tolerable white noise, consider the EODO.

What are some other pros of the EODO?

  • Some appliances with a digital display have annoying backlights that you can only get rid off at night if you put a tape on them. But wih the EODO bladeless fan, you can turn the display off if you want to sleep in complete darkness.
  • When not in use, this fan folds up nicely.
  • The aromatherapy function has been received very well by previous buyers.

What are the limitations of the product?

Sure, it displays the current temperature of the house, but the reading is in Celcius. Unfortunately, it can’t be changed into Fahrenheit unless, according to EODO, the PCB plate is modified.

As advertised, this fan can oscillate to up to 180 degrees. Unfortunately, this range cannot be changed.

The remote control doesn’t have a holder.

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Our Recommendation: EODO Bladeless Fan Review

To end this EODO bladeless fan review, here’s our recommendation/final say.

Purchase the EODO bladeless fan with reservations. This fan works when it works, but some people have issues with the quality of the product.

Alternatives to the EODO Fan

Here are some brands that offer basically the same thing. Call them knockoffs, but check them out and see whether or not they can be a good bladeless fan alternative.

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