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Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr Comparison Report

Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr

Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr… This is definitely an exciting match!

On one hand, there’s the Dyson AM08, a large Air Multiplier pedestal fan that stands 3.6 feet. It’s bladeless, and it comes with a remote control. On the other hand, there’s the Vornado VFAN Sr., a vintage pedestal inspired by the original Vornado fan built in the 1940’s.

Note: The VFAN Sr pedestal should not be confused with the VFAN Sr air circulator.

Now, here’s the tough question: Which of these pedestals should you choose? To decide on an answer, let’s give you their differences in this Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr

Pedestal Fan
Model Check Price » Dyson AM08 Check Price » Vornado VFAN Sr
Fan or Bladeless Bladeless Fan
Design Modern Vintage
Airflow / Speed Settings 10 3
Construction ABS Plastic Metal
Remote Control
Remote Storage
Sleep Timer
Adjustable Height
Tilt Function
Weight 3.86 kg or 8.49 lbs. 9.63 kg or 21.18 lbs.
Height 43.62 – 55.4 in. 42 – 54.5 in.
High Speed CFM 600 613
PowerCord Length 6.56 ft. 6 ft.
Unique Features and Claims Air Multiplier™ technology; 35% Quieter; 15% less power consumed Signature Vortex technology; Chrome glide bar

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Now, it’s time to talk about these pedestal fans’ key differences.

Fan vs Bladeless

One of the most obvious differences between these two fans is that the absence or presence of blades.

The Dyson AM08, as we all know, is bladeless, and as such, offers a myriad of advantages. For instance, it’s much safer especially if you have kids around. Plus, it’s easier to clean. All you have to do is wipe the surface – no need to unscrew anything.

On the other hand, the Vornado VFAN Sr is equipped with what the brand describes as deep-pitched propeller blades, which are supposedly more efficient in biting off and circulating air. These blades also add to the distinct charm of this Vornado vintage pedestal fan. The disadvantage, however, is that they may not be safe around children.

Modern vs Vintage

Another difference is their style.

The Dyson AM08 is designed to appear minimalistic and simple, yet very efficient and safe. It features a ring-like head from which the air comes out. According to the user manual, you can tilt this head to direct the airflow towards a particular spot.

The Vornado is an elegant vintage-style fan. True to this style, it doesn’t have a remote control. To adjust the speed, you’ll have to manually turn the mechanical knob located at the back of this fan’s head.

That said, your choice of which fan to purchase may be dictated by your taste and the design of your home interiors. After all, you want consistency.


These pedestal fans have almost the same height. But when it comes to weight, the Dyson AM08 emerges as the lighter fan. By how much? By a whopping 5-kg (or 12-lb) difference!

This is expected because the Vornado is made of metal while the Dyson is made of ABS plastic.


The Dyson AM08 has a remote control, which gives you the ability to adjust the oscillation and timer functions from a safe distance. On the other hand, the Vornado VFAN Sr doesn’t come with a remote. Neither does it offer oscillation and timer functions.

Unique Features

The Dyson AM08 is equipped with what the company calls Air Multiplier technology. In simple terms, this feature is the technology it uses as a bladeless fan to draw in air and releases it as a smooth and powerful airflow.

The VFAN Sr, on the other hand, is equipped with Vortex Technology, a fancy term that Vornado uses to describe how this pedestal fan efficiently circulates air in the room.

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Our Final Word: Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr

Let’s end this Dyson AM08 vs Vornado VFAN Sr comparison report with our recommendation. Which one should you get? Here’s what we have to say.

It all boils down to two considerations – design and features. If you prefer an elegant vintage style made of sturdy metal, then the Vornado VFAN Sr is for you. If you are more into the features (safety, remote control, timer), then go for the Dyson AM08.

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