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Dyson AM08 vs Vornado 683, Which Pedestal Fan to Buy?

Dyson AM08 vs Vornado 683

Dyson AM08 vs Vornado 683… On one corner is the Dyson AM08, a bladeless fan that comes with an adjustable height and a head that you can tilt forward or backward. On the other is the Vornado 683, a pedestal air circulator equipped with deep-pitched blades that can move air up to 75 feet.

Which of these pedestal fans is the right one for you? Let’s help you make a decision by presenting you with this Dyson AM08 vs Vornado 683 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Dyson AM08 vs Vornado 683

This side-by-side comparison chart should be an easy-to-use tool to guide you through the differences. Scroll down and spot the differences.

Pedestal Fan
Model Check Price » Dyson AM08 Check Price » Vornado 683
Fan or Bladeless Bladeless Fan
Airflow / Speed Settings 10 3
Construction Plastic Plastic
Remote Control
Remote Storage
Sleep Timer
Adjustable Height
Tilt Function
Weight 3.86 kg or 8.49 lbs. 3.60 kg or 7.9 lbs.
Height 43.62 – 55.4 in. 32.125 – 37.75 in.
High Speed CFM 600 389
PowerCord Length 6.56 ft. 6 ft.
Unique Features and Claims Air Multiplier™ technology; 35% Quieter; 15% less power consumed Signature Vortex technology

Key Differences

Based on the chart above, there are several differences that are too notable not to talk about. Here are the main areas that these pedestal fans differ in.


The Dyson AM08 and the Vornado 683 are two different pedestal fans, no doubt, and nothing is more obvious to pinpoint this difference than their design.

How so?

First, the AM08 is a bladeless fan while the Vornado 683 comes with deep-pitched propeller blades, a signature of Vornado. As a bladeless fan, the Dyson scores high marks when it comes to safety, which is something you’d definitely consider if there are children around the house.

Now, let’s focus on the base.

As you can clearly see in the images, the AM08 has a circular base while the Vornado has a 4-feet base. Again, there are pros and cons to each type. For instance, the Dyson AM08’s base is easier to clean than the Vornado 683’s. Then, there’s the issue on how much space it occupies.


The Dyson AM08 comes with a remote control that magnetically sticks to this fan’s ring. The remote control allows you to activate and adjust at least two functions that the Vornado 683 doesn’t have.

What are these functions?

One, you can push the oscillation button if you want to activate it. You can also set the timer if you need to.

The Vornado 683 doesn’t have a remote control, and the only function you can adjust is its speed. To choose from its 3 speed options, you’ll have to twist the mechanical knob at the back of its head.

The Vornado cannot oscillate, but it can be tilted up and down, in case you want to focus the airflow at a specific spot. Note that you can also tilt the head of the Dyson. Refer to the image on your right.


Both fans have an adjustable height, but their difference lies in how tall the fan can go. The Dyson AM08 can be adjusted to a height of 55.4 inches. In comparison, the Vornado 683 can reach a maximum height of 37.75 inches.


CFM (or cubic feet per minute) gives you an idea of how much air can a fan move. Which has a better CFM rating? Based on available data, the Dyson AM08 has a rating of 600 CFM while the Vornado 683 has 389 CFM.

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Our Final Word: Dyson AM08 vs Vornado 683

Which of these pedestal fans should you choose? Here’s our final say.

Get the Dyson AM08. Feature-wise, the Dyson AM08 is better than the Vornado 683. It’s safer around children, it has a better CFM rating, and it has at least two functions that you can’t expect the Vornado 683 to do – oscillation and timer.

Where to Buy the AM08 and the Vornado 683

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