Top-Rated Personal Fans

The Cutest Personal Fans and Circulators

Cutest Personal Fans

Yes, they’re insanely cute! And the best part is, they’re also functional. That said, you can rely on them to provide cooling relief during a hot summar day, and when not in use, they can function as a cute decor on your desk.

If you live in a dorm room where space is limited, or maybe you always feel hot in your office cubicle, you’d be interested in at least one of our picks for the cutest personal fans. Check them out below.

Cutest Personal Fans Pick #1: Vornado Zippi

Of all the Vornado personal air circulators/fans, the Zippi is on top of our list as far as appearance is concerned.

As you can see, it has exposed blades, but don’t worry, because they’re perfectly safe. As advertised, they’re made of soft nylon materials. If you accidentally touch them when they’re in motion, they will either slow down or stop and then rotate again.

Aside from that, the Zippi can be folded (or tilted) down to make packing or traveling easier. Choose among 6 attractive colors; namely, blueberry, coral blush, and sublime green.

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Cutest Personal Fans Pick #2: Vornado Pivot

Here’s another cute personal air circulator from Vornado – the Pivot! The main body is a “stylized jet engine,” to borrow the words used by the company.

Unlike the Zippi, the Pivot‘s blades are kept enclosed in a spiral grill. At the back of the airflow head, you can find a large knob you can use to select from 3 fan speed selections.

Cutest Personal Fans Pick #3: Aikoper USB Small Fan

The Vornado fans listed here both come with a 6-foot power cord. The Aikoper fan, however, comes with a USB cable, making it an ideal desktop fan. Plug it into your laptop, and it should start providing you with cooling relief.

According to the manufacturers, the Aikoper fan has a “unique sculpt” which is inspired by nature. It has a “sleek” and “bionic” design. You can choose between two speed settings – low and high. Airflow is also adjustable. Simply tilt it downwards or upwards.

Cutest Personal Fans Pick #4: Maggift Table Fan

Now…isn’t this creative? Just like the Aikoper, this is a USB mini fan. If you love ladybugs and cute animals, this Maggift table fan is definitely something you’d be interested in.