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What is the Best Tower Fan with Ionizer? Top Picks

Best Tower Fan with Ionizer

Why do you need the best tower fan with ionizer? What exactly does an ionizer do?

Unfortunately, not many consumers know how helpful ionizers are. If your device is equipped with this feature, it’s capable of releasing ions (or charged particles) into the air to capture and eliminate dust particles, odor, and pollutants, thereby making the air cleaner.

That said, a tower fan with an ionizer serves two purposes. One, it helps cool down your room; second, it helps purify the air you breathe in. Here’s our top picks for the best tower fan with ionizer.

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Best Tower Fan with Ionizer Pick #1: Lasko Wind Curve Fan 2551

Made of plastic, the Lasko Wind Curve Fan 2551 comes with an optional Fresh Air Ionizer function that you can activate should you feel the need to. It’s 42.5 inches in height, and it weighs 12.1 pounds.

What do consumers say about the ionizer? Does it deliver promised results? According to one buyer who placed his unit next to her rat cage (which can stink), her living room “smells fresh all the time.” Another person admits that he has no idea how the ionizer is working, but he says that the air “does seem fresher.”

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Best Tower Fan with Ionizer Pick #2: Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan

Another Lasko tower fan on the list, the Lasko 4820 is much taller at 48 inches in height. Aside from the optional ionizer, expect the following features: a remote control, a timer feature, an easy-grip carry handle, and widespread oscillation.

Does the ionizer work? Some consumers say that they have no clue what benefits the ionizer provides. Most of them purchase this unit mainly because of its cooling capabilities. But for those who turn the ionizer on, they said that it’s a nice bonus, adding that it keeps the air “refreshed and clean.”

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Best Tower Fan with Ionizer Pick #3: SPT SF-1523 Reclinable Tower Fan

So far, the SPT SF-1523 is the only tower fan that has a reclinable body. It comes with a remote control with its own storage, an off-timer of up to 7 hours, 3 speed settings, 2 fan modes, and a 55-degree oscillation.

One person says she’s “stuck on fans with ionizer.” Why? Because according to her, the air is better with it, and so she can sleep better. She, of course, was pertaining to this unit.

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