Top-Rated High Velocity Fans

Best 20 Inch High Velocity Fan, Top Picks

Best 20 Inch High Velocity Fan

Before we give you our top picks that complete our list of “best 20 inch high velocity fan,” let’s answer one basic, but very important question: What is a high velocity fan, and how does it differ from a high-capacity fan?

According to this article, a high-velocity fan is one that rotates very quickly. Some brands are designed this way to help make them more efficient. However, it comes with a cost – that of increased energy. We don’t want that in the long run because increased energy means increased heat output.

There are better ways of increasing fan efficiency such as having a good blade design. This way, you increase efficiency without having to increase the velocity or speed of the fan. A fan that can do this is called a high-capacity fan.

What is the best high velocity fan? Here’s our top picks.

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Best 20 Inch High Velocity Fan Top Pick: Lasko 2265QM

Why is the Lasko 2265QM on top of our “best 20 inch high velocity fan” list? There are lots to love about this fan.

One, it has been consistently given positive feedback from previous buyers. Second, it can either be a floor fan or a wall-mount fan. Yup, it comes with a QuickMount feature, which enables you to quickly and easily convert this 20-inch fan to a wall-mounted fixture.

Next, it has an industrial-grade construction, which can easily find a home in a workshop or garage setting. Most of its parts are made of steel. The control panel is plastic. To protect your surfaces from scratches, this fan’s tubular stand comes with rubber pads.

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Air King 9220

Nope, the Air King 9220 doesn’t have an oscillating feature, but it does have a pivoting head that you can easily tilt up or down (up to a certain angle) to vary the direction of the airflow. It comes with 3 speed options, which you can control or adjust through the mechanical knob located at the back of the unit.

The Air King 9220 weighs 24 lbs., and it has the following RPM values 1500, 1310, 1050 RPM at high, medium, or low speed. When it comes to noise, it’s advertised to produce the following: 62, 55, and 48 dB at high, medium, and low speeds.

B-Air Firtana-20X

Weighing 11 pounds, the B-Air Firtana-20X can also transform from a floor fan to a wall-mounted cooling device. It comes with an airflow head that can pivot to a full 360 degrees. It’s equipped with 3 speed settings, comes with a 5-foot power cord, and has a CFM rating of 4650.

COSTWAY High Velocity Fan

The Costway high-velocity fan is designed as a cooling device for a warehouse, market, workshop, or office setting. It comes with 3 speed settings that deliver the following RPM values: 1444, 1305, 1177 RPM on high, medium, and low.

DecoBreeze AMZ6594

From the manufacturer of pretty and unique air circulators comes the DecoBreeze AMZ6594, a 12.5 pound 20-inch industrial grade high velocity fan capable of giving you a “steady, cooling breeze.”

This fan has a solid construction, in which most of its parts are made of durable steel, even the fan blades. Its fan head does not oscillate, but it can pivot to up to 12o degrees. It’s equipped with 3 speed options, and it comes with a built-in carrying handle