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Arctic-Pro Digital Tower Fan Review (2103)

Arctic-Pro Digital Tower Fan Review

In this Arctic-Pro Digital tower fan review, we give you a consumer report of what previous consumers have said about their unit.

A few consumers have quickly spotted the resemblance of the Arctic-Pro 2103 with the Ozeri Ultra. Undeniably, these two tower fans look alike. Both of these tower fans have the same exterior, the same controls, and the same features – they even have the same extendable column! Their difference is the color, and so is their product dimensions and weight.

The Ozeri Ultra weighs 11.7 pounds, and its measurements include 38 x 7.2 x 9.5 inches. It has a silver color. The Arctic-Pro, on the other hand, is grey, weighs 9.8 pounds, and has the following product dimentions: 42 x 12 x 6.5 inches.

Here’s a list of the Arctic-Pro 2103’s key features and specs.

– 3 fan speeds
– 80-degree oscillation
– remote control and storage
– night mode
– 2 configurations: with pedestal, or attach the fan directly to the base

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Does it cool the air?

There are no refrigerants present in this tower fan. It’s not an AC unit, so it recycles the air that’s inside your room. However, as what consumers have said, it does help cool down a room. It gives you a sensation of being cooler especially when you let it directed towards you.

What do consumers say about air output?

Several people have used the word “powerful” to describe the air output of this device, especially when set on the highest setting. One person even said “perhaps it blows too strong.”

Is it noisy?

Due to the subjective nature of the word “noisy” or “noise,” responses vary. While some say it’s “quiet,” others say that it gets loud at higher speeds.

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How much space can this device effectively cover?

Although a seller has said that this fan can cool down a room approximately 12×20 feet, consumer feedback indicate that it can work on a larger room. For instance, one person said she uses the Arctic-Pro tower fan in their L-shaped living room that measures about 400 sq. ft. Another said he uses it in his 16 x 20 ft. living room and “you can feel the air really well.”

How stable is the base?

In this part of this Arctic-Pro digital tower fan review, we talk about the stability of this fan’s base. One of the common concerns is whether or not this tower fan can be easily knocked over. Can it? One person said that it’s a bit top-heavy, and the base feels quite light. Although this customer said he has never had it fall over, he sometimes feels that it might.

What are the limitations of this product?

– Sometimes, the light dimmer is not enough, so if you find that the LED lights are still too bright, you can cover them with a cloth or a tape.
– You cannot adjust the temperature. There’s no thermostat.

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